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What I do

Welcome! This is a temporary portfolio website that I am using to give an overview of my Web Development and I.T. related skills. I am very passionate about new technologies - I enjoy helping to make people's lives easier by connecting them to the powers of modern technology. I am particularly interested in the startup scene and would love to get involved with solving more of the worlds problems using software. I am a cofounder of the rapidly growing Construction Productivity App, ViewPro. I also like to play music, host social events, meet new people and solve puzzles. Why not get in touch, even just to say hello if anything else! - niall

Sometimes you might want to build a website the old fashioned way, and to begin you need to know some HTML and CSS. Why not book a lesson with me to get you started today!

Web Apps

I am a full stack web developer and can build fully-functioning web apps in Ruby on Rails or in NodeJS. Check out my github for more information!


I have built many many websites. I can build sites either from scratch, or using with the help of popular CSS libraries such as Bootstrap, or even using the worlds most popular CMS: WordPress.

Computer Maintenance

I like optimising computers to run at their peak. Just because a computer is old doesn’t mean it should be really slow, a little maintenance can make a huge difference.

Networking & Printing

Why can’t networks and printers just work?! Printers can be a real pain to set up, and as for networks…! I have years of experience setting people up with Networks, Printers, and even Networked Printers!

Images and photography

I have played around with photos manipulation for many years. I have sometimes made graphics for websites. I enjoy making images look sharp and attractive. For example, every image in this section has been processed by me!


I am an expert in using AutoCAD. I have created many macros and scripts to automate repetitive procedures. Some of my latest scripts include some automatic plotting buttons, simple UCS management, and a customised purge function to clean up specific objects from a drawing file. I have spent close to 15,000 hours using AutoCAD.

Proof Reading

I also enjoy proofreading articles/documents/CV’s. I check for grammar, spelling, sentence structure, readability, formatting, consistency, and overall flow.

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Who am I?

I'm Niall, a guy who is passionate about all things technology and internet related...
Niall O’Callaghan
Full Stack Web Developer | Structural Engineer
A Full Stack Web Dev, I’ve been glued to computers/technology since 1995. I love building apps/websites and learning new skills.
ViewPro App
CTO & Co-Founder
I am also a co-founder of a startup – ViewPro. Our app allows construction teams to track their progress live on site, with minimal effort.


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