Cloud storage – backing up your files online

Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, GoogleDrive, Copy, Amazon… and that’s only the mainstream services!

Now that world internet speeds are steadily climbing (well at least in countries other than Australia, ahem…), people are turning to the cloud for their backup solutions.

Once upon a time we relied on 3.5″ Floppy disks, CD’s, USB sticks or External Hard Disk Drives. But nowadays the growing trend is to store copies of your cherished photos in the cloud using a service like those above.

So what are the advantages of cloud based storage/backup?

  • If your computer dies, your files are not lost!
  • Stolen/Misplaced computer? No problem, you can simply re-download your documents when you get a new machine!
  • Your files are usually available via a secure internet login, handy if you need a file away from home.
  • Many services offer automatic backup of photos on your phone.
  • Avoid emailing large files to people. Instead you can usually share a direct link to the file that allows them to download it from your private storage, making your emails a lot quicker to send.

And what about disadvantages? Well yes, there can also be a few:

  • Without internet, you sometimes cannot access your files. However this is not the case where your files are stored locally, like seen with Dropbox, GoogleDrive, and OneDrive. I’ll explain local copies -vs- online copies a little better at a later stage…
  • Some people have concerns about security. I personally do not have these concerns. Using 2-step verification, my Dropbox cannot be accessed without 2 steps of verification: A password and a randomly generated code which gets delivered to your phone when you need it. More on this later.

However, in my opinion, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. I have found multiple uses for my Dropbox app, be it for finding a photo of something I took many years ago, or to read a PDF document for my business while I’m on the go.

Cloud storage is here to stay. In the next blog entry, we’ll look at comparing some of the main solutions and see which one rules the roost!


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